CodeCup @ CodeDay

About CodeCup

CodeCup is a nationwide challenge which happens at each CodeDay, starting at 6:30pm Pacific Time, organized by and presented by Splunk.

Earning Points

All participants at each city compete together: it's city-vs-city.

Each season, the first-place city will win 3 leaderboard points, the second-place city will win 2, and the third-place will win 1. The leaderboard never resets.


Because you're competing as a city, there are no individual prizes, but each season's first-place city will get a CodeCup victory cup to display at future CodeDays!

Current Challenge

This season's challenge is Capture the Flag.

In Capture the Flag, you'll work quickly through a series of challenges to find “flags” — codes which can be entered to mark the challenge complete. There's a beginner track, and an experienced track, so participants of all level can participate.

Cities are ranked by how quickly they complete all of the challenges.

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  1. Seattle (10 points)
  2. Bay Area (8 points)
  3. Minneapolis (7 points)
  4. Chicago (5 points)
  5. Atlanta (4 points)
  6. LA (1 points)
  7. Toronto (1 points)

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